Steve Finn to replace Chris Woakes in England's Champions Trophy squad

Fast bowler Steve Finn replaces injured all-rounder Chris Woakes in England's squad for the Champions Trophy.
By , Staff Reporter
Updated: Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 21:08 UK

Steve Finn has been called up to replace the injured Chris Woakes in England's squad for the Champions Trophy.

All-rounder Woakes featured in England's opening match of the tournament against Bangladesh but was limited to bowling just two overs before being forced off.

Scans revealed that the 28-year-old had suffered a side strain during the eight-wicket victory and will now play no part in Tuesday's match against New Zealand.

Fast bowler Finn, who has played 69 one-day internationals, has now been chosen ahead of the likes of Tom Curran, Stuart Broad and Toby Roland-Jones to fill in for Woakes.

England will qualify for the semi-finals with a game to spare should they beat New Zealand in Cardiff, before facing Australia in their final group game at Edgbaston on Saturday.

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