Tuesday, September 19

Bundesliga clubs to vote on transfer change

The German football league will vote on proposals to close the summer transfer window on August 1 from 2018.

The German football league (DFL) is to vote on a change to bring forward the closing date of the summer transfer window to August 1.

The move comes after the 20 clubs of the Premier League voted to end the summer window on the final Thursday before the start of each new season, meaning that it will close on August 9 in 2018.

DFL president Reinhard Rauball is keen that the German window should follow suit, closing its window on August 1, and will put the issue to a vote in December.

"I will bring forward a motion to shorten the transfer period. If a corresponding decision is taken, it would be put to vote at the member's meeting in December," Rauball told Bild.

"If the majority of the 36 professors are in favour, a corresponding application will have to be sent to the international federations via the DFB.

"This year, there has been trading that is no longer justifiable. That's why a peg must be put in. You can do it that way."

Meanwhile, the 72 clubs of the EFL are expected to vote on a measure to bring their transfer window in line with the Premier League from next summer.

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