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Michael Ballack tips Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid stay

Former Germany captain Michael Ballack backs Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at Real Madrid this summer.
By , European Football Editor
Updated: Monday, June 19, 2017 at 19:07 UK

Former Germany captain Michael Ballack has backed Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at Real Madrid this summer, despite suggestions that the Portugal attacker has made an 'irreversible decision' to leave the Bernabeu.

Ronaldo appears to be heading for the Real Madrid exit this summer following a high-profile tax dispute, and it had been claimed that the 32-year-old is desperate to seal a return to Manchester United.

Ballack has admitted that Ronaldo is currently in "an emotional situation", but the former midfielder does not believe that the Ballon d'Or holder will depart the Bernabeu ahead of the 2017-18 campaign.

"I think it's an emotional situation right now... all I can say is he's playing at a fantastic club," Ballack told Omnisport. "And I'm sure he's happy at that club.

"It's a bit of a difficult situation right now. But he's experienced enough to handle it as well and find a good solution for himself. Real Madrid is a fantastic club and I don't see him at another club right now."

Ronaldo has scored 406 goals in 394 appearances since joining Madrid from Man United in 2009, and his 42 goals during the 2016-17 campaign helped the Spanish side land their second successive Champions League crown, in addition to wrestling the La Liga title away from Barcelona.

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