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Jose Mourinho 'racks up £150,000 hotel bill during season-long stay'

Jose Mourinho's season-long stay at Manchester's Lowry Hotel is said to have cost more than £150,000.
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Updated: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 11:52 UK

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly run up a bill of £150,000 during a season-long stay at a hotel.

The Portuguese has not taken up permanent residence in Manchester and stays at a £411-a-night suite at the Lowry Hotel while working in the city, according to The Mirror.

The club is said to be happy for Mourinho to stay at the luxury accommodation for the duration of his three-year contract, which would mean racking up a bill of more than £500,000.

Mourinho's wife and two children have remained in London while he has been spending time at the Lowry since taking charge of United last summer.

United were believed to be covering the bill for the first few weeks of his stay, but have declined to confirm whether they are still footing it.

The report goes on to say that Mourinho is unlikely to remain at the hotel for the duration of his contract and is considering moving into a flat in Manchester.

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