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Tiger Woods found asleep at wheel of car on morning of arrest

A report released by Jupiter Police shows that Tiger Woods did not have alcohol in his system at the time of his arrest for driving under the influence.
By , Football League Correspondent
Updated: Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 13:30 UK

Fourteen-time Major winner Tiger Woods was discovered by local police asleep at the wheel of his vehicle on the morning of his arrest.

The American golfer was detained in the early hours of Monday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence - claims that he later denied, putting it down to an "unexpected reaction" to prescribed medication

A report released by Jupiter Police shows that Woods had the engine running and brake lights illuminated on his 2015 Mercedes-Benz, with the right turn signal flashing.

The former world number one had to be awoken by officers and, with his speech slurred, insisted that he did not know how he got to where he was.

It was found that Woods did not have alcohol in his system, however, registering a 0.000 on a breathalyser and urine test.

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