Tuesday, October 17

Eddie Howe "disappointed" with defeat

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe refuses to hide his disappointment following Saturday's 1-0 defeat at West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League.

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has admitted that 'there is stuff for his team to work on' following Saturday's 1-0 defeat to West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League.

West Brom debutant Ahmed Hegazi scored the only goal of the match in the first period as Bournemouth opened their new campaign with a loss.

Howe refused to hide his 'disappointment' following the defeat at The Hawthorns, with the 39-year-old frustrated that his team could not turn possession into chances.

"I am disappointed. It is unlike us to have so much possession and to not create chances - that is the most disappointing thing. The build-up to the goal was very disappointing. We gave away a needless free kick, and against West Brom that is a dangerous thing," Howe told BBC Sport.

"We have had enough football in pre-season to be ready. I thought we were ready. The pitch was slow, and that is not an excuse. I expected us to have the possession that we did but I thought we would have been more creative with it. There is obviously stuff for us to work on."

Bournemouth will look to put the West Brom defeat behind them when they host Watford next weekend.

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