Live Commentary: The Ashes - First Test, Day Four - as it happened

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Follow Sports Mole's live coverage from day four of the first Test in the 2015 Ashes series.

Stuart Broad and Moeen Ali claimed three wickets each in the second innings on day four of the first Ashes Test to hand England a 169-run win in Cardiff.

Australia started the day well, reaching 97-1 shortly before lunch, but slipped to 122-6 early in the afternoon session.

Mitchell Johnson hit 77 to give the tourists hope of reaching day five, but Joe Root claimed a couple of late wickets to complete the victory.

Read how all the action unfolded below.

Good morning! As the first Ashes Test heads into a fourth day, both sides know exactly what they need for victory. England will take the lead in the series if they can get 10 wickets before Australia score 412 runs. With two days still to play, a result seems almost certain, and with the way wickets have tumbled so far, it's possible that there could be a winner later today.
The tourists will need a better performance second time around with the bat than in their first innings. Australia were bowled out for 308 just yesterday morning, leaving them 411 runs behind by the time they bowled England out for 289. England did manage 430 in their first innings, but whether or not the pitch still has those of kind of runs in it remains to be seen. At this stage, England must be heavy favourites, with 30 wickets falling across the first three days.
For Australia to win, they will have to break the record for the highest ever Ashes Test run chase. One man who is confident that it will happen is bowler Nathan Lyon, who told BBC Sport: "If we bat two days we will win this game. There are plenty of positive players in our changing room and there is no reason why we can't get over 400 on that wicket. We've got to learn from our first innings with the bat and be more patient."
One factor both teams will have to keep an eye on is the weather forecast. Aside from a little bit of drizzle before the start of day one, it's been rather summery in Cardiff over the first three days. It's expected to remain fine throughout today, but there's a chance that the rain could return tomorrow, which would give Australia the option to play for a draw if they don't think they can score the runs. England will be keen to make a good start, but a poor start for the Aussies could force them to switch to the defensive, batting to keep wickets in hand rather than push for the win.
Here are the England boys going through their warmup a little earlier:

Ian Bell had a good day with the bat for England yesterday, scoring 60 runs. He's told BBC Sport that the home side are expecting a tough day: "In Ashes cricket, anything's possible. I'm sure they'll back themselves to come and get close, if not knock it off, so we know we've got a lot of hard work to do. It's a slow wicket, but there is a little bit of uneven bounce. The trick it to put enough balls in the right area to get that to happen for you."
Moeen Ali will surely be kept busy with the ball today. There are several large worn patches in line with the stumps which will be huge targets for the spinner, who picked up two wickets in the first innings. England will obviously be starting the day with a new ball, but once the shine has worn off, expect to see plenty of the spinner.
Australia opener Chris Rogers could be a man on a mission after he fell just five runs short of a ton in the first innings. The veteran, who is retiring after this series, has been getting his eye in during a net session ahead of the start of play:

Adam Voges has been speaking to Sky Sports News, and the Australian batsman believes that partnerships could be crucial: "We've got an opportunity today to hopefully bat well. Obviously it's going to be a big ask but there is certainly a lot of optimism in our changing room and the wicket is still very good for batting. It's a little bit more uneven and we have to make sure we are hitting under our eyes. Hope we can get some good partnerships and make the England bowlers keep coming back for more spells."
The bell has been rung, Jerusalem is being played and the mascots are lined up to welcome the players onto the field. We're just a couple of minutes away from the start of day four now.
The England team make their way out of the dressing room, closely followed by Aussie openers Chris Rogers and David Warner. James Anderson will bowl the first over of the day for the home side.
Following a dot ball off the opening delivery, Rogers is struck on the hip as he's a little slow to react to a straight ball from Anderson. Rogers clips a couple of balls away without getting off the mark, but a well-timed slice off the final delivery of the opener over goes to the boundary on the leg side to get the tourists off the mark.
Stuart Broad is on new ball duty down the other end, and tosses up a couple of enticing deliveries to test the patience of David Warner, who waves his bat of them, but just pulls out of both at the last second. Alastair Cook has plenty of men in waiting for an edge from Warner, but he lets a run of balls go straight through to Jos Buttler, giving Broad a maiden.
DROPPED CATCH! A fast ball from Anderson catches Rogers out, and he edges it straight to Joe Root at third slip, but the batsman can't keep hold of it, holding his head in his hands as he watches a very catchable ball hit the deck. Warner responds with a well-struck through ball through square leg for a quick run, before Warner gets off the mark too. Anderson punishes Rogers with a bouncer, but the batsman ducks out of its path, before clipping away a dot ball to survive a tricky over.
It's another maiden for Broad, who is continuing to try to force Warner to take on a shot with some tempting full deliveries, but Warner is cautious. The final ball of the over flashes just past the outside edge of the opener's bat, but he just tucks it in enough to prevent Buttler getting a chance at a catch.
A ball from around the wicket swings back in and catches Rogers right on the pad, resulting in a huge appeal from the bowler and Cook. The umpire isn't convinced though, as it looked like the movement on the ball was taking it wide of leg stump. The next ball is driven away for four, before Rogers blocks the remaining deliveries in the over. It's been a confident start from the highest scorer from the first innings against some sharp bowling from Anderson.
NOT OUT! England use one of their reviews as there's a sound as the ball passes Warner on it's way through to Buttler. The umpire gives it not out on the field, and the third umpire confirms that it was off the pad rather than the bat, so he survives. Warner is definitely a marked man though as Broad continues to try to force him into a pull shot, but he's not biting, knocking one ball harmlessly away, before letting another go straight through. It's a third maiden of the day from Broad though.
Rogers goes for the drive again, but some good fielding from Broad saves the runs. He clips the next ball square though, picking up a quick single and bringing Warner back on strike. He nudges one ball away, before Anderson gives away the first extra of the innings with a wide delivery to finish the over.
Broad gets his first look at Rogers, and the 37-year-old hits the ball away for a single, securing the first run of the innings off Broad's bowling. That brings Warner back on strike though, allowing Broad to continue to try to force him into action. He pulls the ball away through the leg side, but there's a man back to stop it going for a boundary, but it does brings Rogers back on strike. It's potentially a nice psychological run for Australia too, as they now need less than 400 for victory.
Anderson picks up a warning from the umpire for running onto the pitch after watching his first ball bounce through the outfield and over the boundary rope after being clipped away from the feet of David Warner. He hits another straight back towards the bowler, which races away through the quick outfield, but is just stopped short of another four by Mark Wood, but the batsmen still have time to run for two. Anderson looked rather frustrated with himself in that over, and it proved costly.
Stuart Broad has made the breakthough as a top edge off Chris Rogers's bat carries to Ian Bell at second slip. There's initially some confusion, as the umpires aren't entirely convinced that Bell made the catch, so they call for the third umpire, but the replays confirm that Bell definitely got his hands underneath it to take the low catch. That's a huge wicket for England, as Rogers proved to be dangerous in the first innings.
Rogers's dismissal brings the best Test batsman in the world according to the ICC's rankings to the crease. Steve Smith is quickly off the mark, hitting a boundary through the offside off his first delivery. Broad will still be happy with that over though, having ended the opening partnership.
Anderson's last over was sloppy, and that's forced Alastair Cook to make a change, bringing Moeen Ali into the attack. David Warner's eyes light up as the first delivery comes in though, as he flashes it through cover for four. Broad stops another shot from the opener finding the boundary rope, but Warner still picks up a single to move on to 13, before Smith simply blocks the final ball of the over.
A huge in-swinging ball from Broad thumps Warner on the pad, resulting in an lbw appeal from the bowler, but Cook knows that there was an inside edge of the bat, so doesn't ask for the appeal. After picking up a quick two, Warner takes a swing at the next ball and misses, but so does Buttler, leaving it to go straight through for four byes. Warner flicks another ball away for two, making it eight from the over. Broad definitely had the better of Warner in the first few overs, but the Aussie batsman is starting to look rather comfortable at the crease now.
Here's Stuart Broad celebrating his wicket a short time ago:

Steve Smith is showing why he's at the top of the ICC's batsman rankings, finding the gaps for a boundary off the first ball of Ali's second over, before running a three. That brings Warner back on strike, and he makes the most of a loose ball from the spinner, belting it away for a six, before a superb pull shot rolls through the outfield for four. That was a costly over from Moeen Ali!
After a quick drinks break, Cook throws the ball to Ben Stokes for the first time today, giving Stuart Broad a rest after his six-over spell. Smith is taking no chances against the new bowler, blocking his first three deliveries, before knocking the ball into the onside for a comfortable single. Warner makes a similar shot off the next ball, which Lyth fails to stop, giving the batsmen time to pick up another run. Smith takes up an attacking stance as he awaits the final ball of the over, but Ali is back to stop it reaching the boundary.
Moeen Ali's 17-run over sees his withdrawn from the attack, giving Mark Wood his first involvement today. Warner hits the ball straight back down the ground for four, almost hitting the bowler, before going for a pull shot a couple of balls later, but he misses the ball, leaving it to go straight through to the wicketkeeper.
Steve Smith and David Warner are building a handy-looking partnership, piling on 42 runs since Chris Rogers's dismissal a short time ago. This was the top scorer from the first innings making his way off the field after being caught at slip by Ian Bell.
Stokes gifts Smith four with a short ball, leaving the batsman with an easy pull shot. The rest of the Durham man's over is tidy though, as Smith has to block the remaining three deliveries.
50 PARTNERSHIP! A boundary from Warner brings up the 50-run partnership off just 40 deliveries. Wood varies his bowling though, catching Warner out with a bouncer, which flies well high of his bat. Buttler appeal for a catch as he claims the ball behind, but it came off the batman's hip rather than the bat, before finishing the over with a well-run two.
Stokes makes it difficult for Steve Smith with a run of consistent deliveries, giving England their first maiden since Rogers's dismissal. Smith and Warner are both at their best when they're attacking, so frustrating them with a maiden could cause some mistakes if either try to force the scoreboard to move again.
Warner gets a stroke of luck as he miscues, edging the ball back towards the slips, but is finds the gap between Bell and Lyth, carrying on all the way to the boundary. Warner looks uncertain again on the next delivery, trying to get his bat out of the way, but glancing the ball in the direction of Bell again, but he manages to make it through the rest of Wood's deliveries unscathed.
Stokes sends down a ball just wide of the leg stump, leaving Smith with an easy shot to the boundary. The all-rounder keeps the rest of his deliveries on a consistent line and length, showing that there is some movement in the pitch, ad finding a bit of irregular bounce, but Smith handles it well.
Smith and Warner go for some aggressive running, picking up a couple of twos to leave the latter just short of a half-century. He'll have to wait at least one more ball to bring up the 50 though, as he can only get a single from the final ball of the over, flicking into square of leg, where Ali is ready to block it.
HALF-CENTURY! Stokes has a chance to catch Warner off his own bowling on the first ball of the over as the Australian hits the ball straight at the England all-rounder, but he can't quite get his fingers to it. Broad has to sprint through the outfield to stop Warner getting a boundary with a well-timed drive. In his desperation to bring up the half-century, Warner wafts the bat at a high ball, which is just out of his reach, but he gets the final ball of the over away for a single, leaving him 50 not out.
Moeen Ali didn't have much luck with spin earlier, but Cook has brought Joe Root on in place of Mark Wood to change up the attack. Smith manages to knock the ball away on the leg side for two, before Warner adds a single in a fairly tidy over from the Yorkshireman.
James Anderson comes back into the attack after a break, and he almost forces a mistake from Warner, frustrating the batsman with some tricky deliveries before trying to tempt him with a slightly wider ball, but the Australian just about survives, although England record wicket taker does get a maiden.
Warner is back on strike early in the over as Smith knocks the ball away for a single. Warner blocks a couple as he tries to settle himself down after some dangerous shots in the last over, before adding another single.
England have plenty of fielders in to try to stop Smith playing the drive, which has been a fruitful shot for both batsmen so far this morning. That leaves gaps elsewhere though, allowing the top-ranked batsman in the world to get the ball through cover for four. Cook tinkers with the field again, so Smith plays a couple of simple blocks to see of the remainder of the over.
LUNCH: Moeen Ali is coming back into the attack in place of Joe Root, who has shown that there is a bit of turn in the pitch now. Ali went for 17 off his last over, but is more effective now that the ball is a bit older. Warner blocks the first two deliveries, but is caught out by a straighter ball which strikes him on the pad, and the umpire gives him out. Warner has a quick chat with Steve Smith, but he knows it's not worth the appeal, and that brings the session to an end.
It had been a fairly good session for Australia up until that point, with Warner and Steve Smith both scoring at a good rate. Splitting that partnership before the interval will be a huge boost for England though, and they'll have a new batsman in the form of Michael Clarke to go at after the break.
As the players make their way off for lunch, we're going to take a quick break too. Make sure you're back here in 30 minutes though, as we'll be continuing our live coverage before the afternoon session gets underway. For now, we'll leave you with a look at a celebrating Moeen Ali:

Right then, the players will be heading back out shortly to resume the fourth day of the first Test in Cardiff. England still need eight wickets to wrap up victory, while Australia need 315 runs. Steve Smith will be resuming on 29, while Michael Clarke will be joining him at the crease.
Moeen Ali should be resuming the bowling, having got David Warner out midway through the final over of the morning session. It was a mixed morning for the spinner, going for 22 runs off his first two overs, before returning to the attack to take the wicket of David Warner right before the interval.
The players are back on the field ready to get the afternoon underway. Clarke has indeed joined Smith, while Ali is going through some warmup exercises.
It's three dot balls for Clarke in the second half of Ali's over, which means that the spinner gets a wicket maiden.
Just moments after Joe Root thought that he had caught an inside edge off Smith, only to be denied by the umpire, the world's top-ranked batsman is heading back to the pavilion, playing a similar shot to chip a Stuart Broad delivery to Ian Bell at second slip. It's the second time Broad has picked up a wicket through a Bell catch in the slips today.
Smith's dismissal brings Adam Voges out to the crease for just his second Ashes innings. He can't get off the mark in the three remaining balls in the over though, so Australia now have two batsmen at the crease on 0.
Mark Wood comes back into the attack for Moeen Ali, and it's a consistently-bowled maiden from the paceman, forcing a string of defensive shots from Michael Clarke. With the Aussie's having lost a couple of wickets, it may be time for the tourists to start thinking about the weather forecast for tomorrow, and consider whether or not a draw is the best they can hope for.
Adam Voges ends a nervy couple of minutes for Australia, finally getting off the mark with a tap into the off-side. Voges and Clarke have both made cautious starts to their innings, but could form a dangerous partnership if they can get themselves in.
It's another maiden from Mark Wood as Michael Clarke watches a few balls go straight past him to Buttler, before blocking a couple more. The captain is definitely on the defensive, but Wood has been going a good job with some consistent deliveries.
Stuart Broad has his third wicket of the day, forcing Michael Clarke into a pull shot, which is straight down the throat of Ben Stokes at mid-off. The captain had taken 12 runs to get off the mark, finding the boundary on the delivery before, but the pressure took it's toll as he went for another four. That's a massive wicket for England. Remember, Australia were 97-1 just before lunch.
Stuart Broad finishes his over against new batsman Shane Watson, who is surrounded by fielders, with England clearly realising they can get this match finished today. Watson makes a couple of decent blocks to prevent Broad from picking up a second wicket in one over.
Mark Wood has been fantastically consistent with his deliveries throughout today, and he's got a thoroughly deserved wicket as Voges waves his bat at a slightly wider delivery, edging it straight at wicketkeeper Jos Buttler. Australia are really on the ropes now.
Once again, Australia have two batsmen in the middle who are yet to get off the mark, as Brad Haddin joins Shane Watson at the crease. Wood is on a charge, firing in a string of pacy deliveries as he tries to unsettle Haddin, but he leaves a couple of balls while blocking another, leaving the bowler with a wicket maiden.
Broad keeps putting Watson under pressure, looking for the lbw which the all-rounder tends to be vulnerable to. England also have numbers fielding around the stumps ready in case of an edge, but Watson gets the ball through the gaps off the final ball of the over to finally get off the mark.
Haddin also finds the boundary rope to get his first runs of the innings, sweeping a full ball from Wood away through the legside. Bath batsmen still look on edge, but now that they're both off an running, they'll be hoping to steady the ship somewhat after a difficult start to the afternoon for the tourists.
Former England wicketkeeper Matt Prior certainly seems happy with the home side's performance so far this afternoon:

James Anderson takes the place of Stuart Broad, and it's a fairly straight-forward over from the record-wicker taker, with each batsman picking up a single, while Watson leaves a couple of dangerous swinging deliveries. Meanwhile, the Australian fans, who clearly realise that they need some help from the weather, have got their umbrellas out. There's a bit of cloud, but there's no sign of even the slightest shower.
Haddin flicks a pull shot away to the offside, running quickly between the wickets for a couple of runs, but Wood continues to make it difficult for the pair in the middle, ensuring dot balls with the other five balls in the over.
Anderson is getting a decent amount of swing on the ball at the moment, attempting to force Watson into a mistake. One ball swings too much though, moving away from the bat to go straight through to Buttler, before Watson drives the ball down the ground for four off the next delivery.
Moeen Ali comes back into the attack, and the change from pace to spin immediately catches Brad Haddin out as he slices the ball back towards the slips, leaving Alastair Cook to leap in the air and making a diving catch. It's a fantastic bit of fielding from the England skipper.
Mitchell Johnson walks out to a chorus of pantomime boos from the England fans. He has five balls from Ali to face, with the spinner pushing for his third wicket, but the new batsman defends well, leaving Ali with his second wicket maiden of the innings.
Shane Watson is almost caught out by an Anderson bouncer, just blocking it before it caught him under the chin. Another superb delivery from the fast bowler just brushed Watson's hip on the way through to Buttler, resulting in a half-appeal from the England side, but they weren't willing to risk a review, having already lost one. Watson finally gets a single away to get off strike. Johnson has to watch as he edged a ball towards the slips, but his effort it just too high for Lyth, resulting in it racing away for three.

Mitchell Johnson remains on strike, but quickly picks up a single to leave Watson facing Ali. The all-rounder tries to smash the ball square, but Buttler snatches it away from the tip of his bat before a run of dot balls.
After finishing his over, Ali is immediately involved in the field, sliding in to stop a Johnson effort making it to the boundary, although the batsmen still run for three. Watson faces the remainder of Anderson's swinging deliveries, but can't add to his score of 10.
Moeen Ali continues down the other end. He had a difficult time in the morning, going for 17 off one over before removing David Warner, but has recovered well, picking up his third maiden of the day as Mitchell Johnson leaves a couple of balls, while blocking the rest.
There's a maiden for James Anderson too, this time with Shane Watson on strike. It'a Anderson's third run-less over of the day, in what has been a pretty economical display from the Lancashire man, with 33 runs conceded from 12 overs.
Mitchell Johnson shows that he's capable of playing some lovely shots as well as blocking, as he gets the scoreboard moving again with a well-struck six. Cook makes a couple of changes to the field though, ensuring that the bowler can't pick up any more runs off Ali's over.
James Anderson is getting another break as Ben Stokes returns to the bowling attack. Watson manages to flick the ball away for a single, before Johnson adds another run. Once back on strike, Watson hits an excellent pull shot to the boundary, before a similar stroke on the next delivery lets him add another two. That's eight off the over for Australia, which is their highest scoring over since before lunch.
Mitchell Johnson has made relatively good progress since coming to the crease after Brad Haddin's dismissal, hitting a single to move on to 15 off 28 deliveries, while Watson continues his solid defensive performance with the bat.
After a couple of solid overs for the batsmen, it's another maiden for England, who will surely be hoping to split up this partnership before tea in around 20 minutes or so. Johnson has to block a couple of dangerous looking balls, but there's nothing too troubling for the paceman, who has one century to his name in Test cricket.
Watson seems happy to continue to play the majority of the balls, defending as much as possible, while leaving Johnson to push for runs. Watson picks up a couple of singles off Ali's spin, while Johnson drives the ball away through cover, just missing out on a boundary. This has certainly been a well-managed partnership between Watson and Johnson, and while they would need a near miracle to win this match for Australia, they can certainly go a long way to making the draw a possibility again, particularly if the forecast for rain on day five is accurate.
Ben Stokes is looking to land his ball in the scuffed footholes down the other end, looking to trick Watson into a shot that he's not comfortable with or edge a ball behind, but the batman just nudges the ball away for a single, to make sure he starts the next over on strike too.
Shane Watson has done a good job of blocking against Moeen Ali's spin, so Mark Wood comes back into the attack, and it immediately has an impact as he lands the ball right in the middle of Watson's leg pad, resulting in the all-rounder 29th Test dismissal by lbw. He asks for the review, but there's no arguing with it.
England want to wrap this up know as Mitchell Starc strolls out to the middle. There are five slips, leg slip, silly mid on and more as Wood charges in with the final delivery of his over, but the new batsman leaves it to go straight through to Buttler.
Cook hasn't taken Ali out of the attack, he's just decided to give him a go from the other end, bringing the spinner back on in place of Stokes. He almost squeezes the ball under Johnson's bat to get a sight of the stumps, but the fast bowler eventually manages to get it away for a single, ensuring that he will keep the strike on the next over.
Johnson adds a couple more as he desperately tries to protest Starc, but a single leaves his partner facing three Wood deliveries. Cook immediately moves the field in, bringing in several slips, silly point and a gully, waiting for the bowler to make an edge, but he flicks it through the offside for four.
TEA: Including the wicketkeeper, there are seven players around the stumps as Starc faces a string of Ali deliveries in the final over before tea, but he blocks superbly to ensure that he reaches the end of the season on four not out.
Mitchell Johnson has looked handy with the bat as Australia battle just to force the Test into a fifth day. He's reached the end of the session on 26.
It was undeniably England's session, with Steve Smith dismissed in the first full over after lunch, triggering a run of five wickets which has seen Australia reduced to 162-7 with four sessions still to play. Even with rain expected tomorrow, it's a big ask for the tourists to bat through the remainder of today's overs, particularly as England can ask for an extra half hour tonight, if they think they can win the match this evening.
Stuart Broad has been the pick of the bowlers so far, with 3-22 off 10 overs, including three maidens. He hasn't bowled for a little while, so could find himself featuring again after the break. Moeen Ali and Mark Wood both have two wickets to their names, while Ian Bell deserves a mention for his performance at second slip, where he's made two excellent catches to remove Chris Rogers and Steve Smith.
Losing Shane Watson shortly before the interval will have been a big blow for Australia. He was working well with Mitchell Johnson, before being dismissed lbw yet again. It 34 dismissals in his Tests against England, Watson has been leg-before 14 times. As you can see from this Opta stat, he struggles using the DRS reviews almost as much:

WEATHER UPDATE! We've mentioned tomorrow's weather quite a bit today, but it's worth checking in again, as the forecast has just been updated. According to BBC Weather, there will be heavy rain in Cardiff tomorrow morning, and shower throughout the day until around 5pm. That would certainly be welcome for the tourists, but England will no doubt be wary of that, and pushing to get the three wickets that they need before the close of play today. There are still 36 overs schedule, so there's plenty of time for the hosts.
On a lighter note, it looks like former Australia bowler Glenn McGrath is enjoying the tea break with this rather spectacular cake:

The players are making their way back out of the dressing room ready to get the evening session underway. The fielding side are out first, followed by Mitchells Johnson and Starc.
Mitchell Johnson is on strike for the first ball of the session against Mark Wood, and he edges it in the direction of the slips, forcing Joe Root to dive towards it, but there's too much pace on the ball, and it carries on for four. A more-deliberate effort from the number eight batsman beats Anderson in the field to find the boundary rope again, before watching a couple of balls fly straight through to Buttler.
As predicted, Stuart Broad is coming back into the attack, and he's bowling much like he was in the opening couple of overs of the match to David Warner, deliberately trying to force Mitchell Starc into a shot, but he manages to keep his bat away from the ball, before picking up a single off the final delivery of the over.
Wood finds one of the footholes, but that makes the ball sit up nicely for Starc, who clips it away for four. England have been targeting Starc for a quick wicket, as he's not only a number nine, but has been struggling with an ankle injury which has stopped him bowling, but he seems to be timing his shots nicely.
After five dot balls, Mitchell Johnson makes the most of a full delivery from Stuart Broad, driving it back down the ground for another boundary. Johnson has been picking his gaps through the outfield beautifully, and moves on to 38 not out.
Bell and Root both dive towards the ball as Starc edges a Wood delivery behind, but it drops short of the slip fielders, and runs away through the quick outfield for four. Starc not the ball away to the leg side for another two off a no ball, which gives Australia an extra run.
Johnson pulls the ball away for four more off a short ball, but almost gives his wicket away as he expects the same again on the next delivery, teeing up a big hit, only for the fuller delivery to go over his back, almost clipping an edge on the way through to Buttler, but he survives, and is just six short of his half-century.
Starc picks up a single early in the over as Ali returns with some spin, before Johnson hits it clear for another boundary. Both batsman are playing very sensibly as they try to keep Australia in this match for another day.
HALF-CENTURY! Johnson slices the ball through square leg to bring up his half-century, before a single off the next ball makes him the top scorer in this innings for Australia. Broad looks weary as he charges in for the last couple of balls of the over, which was his 14th of the day. It looks like he might be in need of a break.
The umpires are testing the ball to make sure it hasn't lost it's shape, as it's 62 overs old now. It passes though, so Ali is able to continue without having to pick out a replacement. There's an appeal for lbw as Starc's pad takes a hit, but it looked like it was outside leg stump and there was some bat on it, so the umpire shakes his head.
Cook is going for spin from both ends, replacing the tired-looking Broad with Joe Root, but Johnson relishes the task, drilling the first two deliveries straight back down the ground for four, before really teeing off, powering the ball over the top for six, forcing Cook and Root to come together and make some fielding changes. Johnson flicks the ball away to his right again, beating Lyth, but this time Ali is back to prevent the four, forcing Johnson to settle for two, before picking up a single off the next ball. Starc faces the final ball of the over, but it spins straight past his stumps to Buttler, who goes for the stumping, but the Australian has his foot back.
Johnson is deceived by a ball from Moeen Ali, scuffing it behind towards the slips, but it goes well high of Bell's head, letting the top-scorer off the hook, before he picks up a single in an otherwise clinical over from the spinner.
Joe Root rewards Alastair Cook for sticking with him despite a 17-run over last time, ending a resilient innings from Mitchell Starc. The Australia bowler edges a ball back towards the slips, which initially is parried by Cook, but Adam Lyth dives down to the ground to take it at the second time of asking. Brilliant reactions from the opening batsman to bring a dangerous partnership to an end.
Josh Hazlewood has just one ball to face after coming to the crease, ad he blocks it carefully to bring Root's over to an end.
Hazlewood makes a confident start against Moeen Ali, picking up two before hitting the ball square to the boundary, before Johnson adds a single, and Hazlewood picks up two more, to finish with eight off the over for the new batsman.
Mitchell Johnson had 17 off the over last time he faced Root, and he eyes some big hits again this time as he tries to smash the ball through to the boundary, but twice there's a fielder back to block it. Hazlewood ends up back on strike, and gets it over extra cover for two to finish the over.
Hazlewood clearly hasn't come out just to block and play for the fifth day, as he clips the ball away to the offside for another boundary after Johnson picks up another single. For a number 10 batsman he can certainly play some shots.
Mitchell Johnson's insistence on smashing Joe Root around the ground has cost him his wicket as he goes for one shot too many, catching the ball with the top edge to knock it back into to Adam Lyth to give Root his second wicket. It was a brilliant innings from the number eight batsman to give his side some hope, but losing his wicket with over an hour still to play has surely handed England the match now.
Nathan Lyon is the last man in for the tourists, and has five balls to block on strike against Root, with hoards and England fielders swarming around the stumps, but he survives.
Josh Hazlewood's entertaining cameo comes to an end as he knocks a looping shot straight to Joe Root, who takes a composed catch to hand Moeen Ali his third wicket of the innings and seal the victory for the host nation.
It's been quite a match for Root, with a century and half-century with the bat, and catch in both fielding innings and two wickets.
So, that's all from today's Ashes coverage and this Test, but join us again from Thursday when Australia will no doubt be looking to level the series in the second Test at Lords. Until then, thanks for joining me today. Goodbye!

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5Leicester CityLeicester382061268501866
6West Ham UnitedWest Ham381981162471565
7Tottenham HotspurSpurs381881268452362
9Leeds UnitedLeeds38185156254859
11Aston Villa38167155546955
12Newcastle UnitedNewcastle38129174662-1645
13Wolverhampton WanderersWolves38129173652-1645
14Crystal Palace38128184166-2544
16Brighton & Hove AlbionBrighton38914154046-641
RWest Bromwich AlbionWest Brom38511223576-4126
RSheffield UnitedSheff Utd3872292063-4323
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Premier League Table
CManchester CityMan City38275683325186
2Manchester UnitedMan Utd382111673442974
5Leicester CityLeicester382061268501866
6West Ham UnitedWest Ham381981162471565
7Tottenham HotspurSpurs381881268452362
9Leeds UnitedLeeds38185156254859
11Aston Villa38167155546955
12Newcastle UnitedNewcastle38129174662-1645
13Wolverhampton WanderersWolves38129173652-1645
14Crystal Palace38128184166-2544
16Brighton & Hove AlbionBrighton38914154046-641
RWest Bromwich AlbionWest Brom38511223576-4126
RSheffield UnitedSheff Utd3872292063-4323
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