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Cricket World Cup


Live Commentary: Australia vs. India - as it happened

:Headline: Live Commentary: Australia vs. India - as it happened:
Take a look back at how Australia defeated holders India by 95 runs in the World Cup semi-final at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Australia booked their place in the World Cup final by beating defending champions India by 95 runs at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The co-hosts took full advantage after winning the toss as Steve Smith struck 105 from 93 balls to help his side post 328-7 from their 50 overs.

Shikhar Dhawan (45) got the chase off to a promising start, but his departure was crucial as India lost wickets at regular intervals to hand the control to Australia.

MS Dhoni's 65 couldn't make the difference as India struggled to keep up with the required run-rate before eventually being dismissed for 233 in the 47th over.

Read below to find out how Australia set up a meeting with New Zealand in Sunday's final.

Hello everyone! Have you recovered from New Zealand's thrilling victory over South Africa? Well, it's time for some more drama as Australia take on India to decide who meets the Black Caps in the World Cup final on Sunday. I'll be bringing you live text coverage of the action at the Sydney Cricket Ground as we edge closer to an exciting climax in this tournament.
In truth, if this game is half as good as the first semi-final, we are in for a cracker. Two huge cricketing nations go head-to-head at the SCG and these two know each other very well following the pre-tournament tri-series. India hadn't won a game on Australian soil before the World Cup, but they've put miserable ODI and Test series behind them to find their best in the tournament. Australia are co-hosts and were tagged as favourites over a year ago. Who is your favourite? The favourites or the holders?
AUSTRALIA WIN TOSS AND BAT FIRST: Michael Clarke doesn't hesitate after MS Dhoni calls incorrectly and it will be the co-hosts who bat on the surface first. Dhoni indicates that he would have batted, but he's confident that the pitch won't change too much.
AUSTRALIA: Warner, Finch, Smith, Clarke, Watson, Maxwell, Faulkner, Haddin, Johnson, Starc, Hazlewood

INDIA: Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Rahane, Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit, Shami, Yadav

No surprises as both sides remain unchanged for this huge game. Josh Hazlewood is rewarded for his fine display against Pakistan with another opportunity, while India stick with the same 11 which has served them so well throughout the tournament. There's intriguing battles everywhere you look down the two lineups.
There was so much talk about India's struggles earlier in the tour heading into the tournament, but they've recovered impressively and Clarke has suggested that recent results mean little today.

"They've worked out how to take wickets and score runs, and they've shown that through this tournament. MS Dhoni deserves a lot of credit for the way he's captained, especially after being defeated in the Test series and the tri-series," the Australian skipper told reporters.

In last week's quarter-final between South Africa and Sri Lanka, the slower bowlers picked up seven wickets for the Proteas. That should encourage both Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin. India's spinners, especially Ashwin, have slowed down sides throughout the tournament, and it's how Australia cope in the middle overs which could be key today.
This is the first time the two sides have met in a World Cup semi-final. The two previous knockout stage meetings saw Australia triumph in the 2003 final, and India emerge victorious in the 2011 quarter-final.
It's said every time Australia are in action in ODIs, but India must bowl well to opener Aaron Finch and David Warner. If both players are allowed to free their arms early in the innings, it can be very difficult to slow Australia down. As always, early wickets are going to be crucial.
Both sides are out on the field for the national anthems. It's very loud at the SCG already and it really is incredible how many Indian supporters are in the ground. It will feel like a home game for Dhoni's side.
Here we go then. Finch and Warner are ready to go. Dhoni has a final chat with his players before the start of this match. Mohammed Shami will bowl the first over. Play!
Shami starts with the perfect delivery as he takes the ball past Finch's outside edge. An lbw appeal follows in the third over when the seamer goes straighter, but only a leg-bye is signalled as Finch scampers to the non-striker's end. Warner follows his partner by missing with a loose drive outside off-stump before getting off the mark with a push to extra cover. Just a hint of swing for Shami.
Superb from Warner as he leans forward to push Umesh Yadav's first ball down the ground for four runs. A bit of extra pace forces the batsman onto the back foot, but he manages to get off strike with a nudge into the off-side. Finch enjoys a bit of luck when a thick outside edge sails through the vacant gully region. Six! Warner is definitely not a nervous man. He shows his power by helping a shorter ball over the square-leg boundary for six runs.
Shami looks to be targeting Finch's pads as he drifts a wide down the leg-side. Finch will attack when he isn't sure, and he comes close to getting an inside edge on the ball with a big swing outside off-stump. India urge the umpire to give lbw a ball later but it looks too high. Another wild drive follows to send the ball into the leg-side off the inside edge. Finch doesn't look comfortable at the moment. Just the extra from the over.
WICKET! WARNER (12) C KOHLI B YADAV: Big wicket for India. Warner is just looking to turn the ball onto the leg-side, but he gets a leading edge on the ball to give Kohli the easiest of catches on the off-side. Yadav is delighted to send the opener back inside.
Steve Smith is the new batsman and he's greeted with a gully. Yadav goes very full and Australia's number three picks up a couple of runs with a thick outside edge. Shot! It won't get much better than this. Smith shows off the face of the bat as he comes forward to push four runs past mid-off. Dhoni responds by bringing in a leg-slip, but he's not in the game at the end of the over.
Finch will be feeling a lot better as he drives four runs straight down the ground. A clip off the pads brings the opener a couple more down to fine-leg. Shami then watches the ball race through the gully region off the a thick outside edge. Smith then collects three by working a fuller ball into the leg-side.
Yadav thinks an lbw appeal is a good shout at the start of the over, but Dhoni is right to decide against appealing the not out decision. Some movement off the seam catches the outside edge and Smith earns a single to third-man. Yadav then goes very full and quick to beat the driving Finch. It's an intriguing start at the SCG. Good over from Yadav.
Leg-slip is back for Smith, but that doesn't stop him pulling a single away to fine-leg midway through another good over from Shami. Some movement into the pads keeps Finch defensive, and he's starting to look much more calm following a frantic start to his innings. One run and a wide from the over.
Smith starts the eighth over with a nudge to mid-wicket for one and Finch rotates the strike again with a punch into the covers. Yadav goes very straight to Smith, but he gets bat on ball to earn a run to fine-leg. Finch adds one more to make it four off the over.
Smith can't help but send a little stare in Shami's direction when the seamer throws the ball towards the stumps after a defensive stroke. You've got to give credit to the opening bowlers. They've done very well early in the innings. Australia know the importance of keeping wickets in hand. India would love to remove another batsman before bringing on the spinners.
Smith manages to beat Jadeja at backward point with a slightly loose cut shot and he is rewarded with four runs at the start of Yadav's fifth over. Shot! Great stuff from Smith as he rocks back to pull a shorter ball away for another boundary. Smith is forced to change his bat, but there's no stopping him as he punishes another half-tracker by pulling for four more. Poor from Yadav as he concedes a fourth boundary with yet another terrible attempt at a bouncer. It's too easy for Smith. 16 off the final over of the powerplay.
Dhoni makes his first change as Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. Finch shuffles across the crease to nudge a single into the leg-side. Mohit takes a bit of pace off the ball to Smith, who picks out square-leg with a clipped shot later in the over. Great start from the seamer.
Well, this is an interesting move as Dhoni turns part-timer Kohli before bringing on Jadeja or Ashwin. To say he has an unusual action would be an understatement, and he drags the ball down midway through the over to allow Smith to pull through mid-wicket for four. Finch 14* (32) Smith 35 (33)
Shot! Finch brings up the 50 partnership with a powerful pull shot for four runs when Mohit starts with a fairly tame bouncer. The Australians trade singles and Finch keeps the strike thanks to a leg-bye. It may be time for India's main spinners to be introduced.
No surprise from Dhoni as he hands the ball to Jadeja. Finch can't get the first two balls away, but he gives himself room at the crease to cut to deep point midway through the over. Smith, a fantastic player of spin, skips down the pitch to pick up a single through mid-wicket. Rahane gets a hand on the ball at extra cover, but he can't prevent Finch from sneaking a run. Three on the leg-side makes it six off the over.
Mohit mixes up his pace throughout the over to ensure Australia can't get on top of him. It's a risk-free six deliveries from the co-hosts though as Finch and Smith continue to make progress. Finch 23 Smith 43*
Shot! Jadeja drifts one slightly too wide and Finch's confidence continues to grow as he drives past cover for four runs. Australia reach the first drinks break in a very good position. Seven off the over.
Great work from the Australians as Smiths responds well to collect two with an open-faced shot down to third-man. Mohit again relies on his variations throughout the over, but he's punished for a short and wide ball as Finch cuts powerfully for four.
Ashwin is into the attack for the first time. He's definitely the key man in this bowling attack. Smith gets an early single before Finch picks out two fielders with a couple of cuts. The strike is rotated with a push to cover. Close. Smith gets an inside edge on the ball and he's lucky not to chop on.
50! Smith just loves playing against India. He reaches his half-century from 53 balls by nudging Jadeja into the leg-side. Australia will be desperate for him to reach three figures. Just two off a very good over.
Smith, who has now record half-centuries four games in a row, works a single into the leg-side. Finch looks uncomfortable when Ashwin finds some extra bounce but he manages to beat leg-slip to rotate the strike. Raina does brilliantly at point to restrict Smith to a single after Ashwin had pulled his length back.
Smith is moving his feet to open up gaps against the spinners, and he skips down the pitch to nudge a single to long-on. Finch looks like he may be winding up for a big shot as he shuffles around on the crease. Jadeja gets through his overs very quickly, which can put pressure on the batsmen. Just a couple added to the total. Finch 35* Smith 53
Ashwin is too wide to Finch, who cashes in with the latest of cuts past backward point for four runs early in the over. Dhoni is furious when Finch is able to collect two with a nudge off the thigh. Australia ease to eight from the over. India need a wicket.
REVIEW! There's a huge lbw appeal from Jadeja when Finch misses with the sweep. Dhoni doesn't look too sure, but he decides to use the review. It proves to be a very close call. The technology suggests the ball would have hit the stumps but contact sides with the umpire after a big lunge forward from Finch. Rohit then exchanges a few words with Smith as things get a bit heated. Four off the over.
This partnership has been priceless for Australia so far. After losing Warner, these two have provided a platform for their side to get past 300. In truth, 300 looks to be the minimum on this pitch. Ashwin concedes six from the over.
The Indians in the stands think Finch is on his way, but Dhoni takes the catch of thigh pad only. A nudge down the ground hands the strike to Smith, who punishes a shorter ball by rocking back to launch six runs over mid-wicket. Superb shot from Australia's number three. He follows that with a push to long-off for one to keep the strike.
There's a nervy moment for Finch when Ashwin gets a finger on the ball as Smith strikes the stumps with a firm straight drive. However, the opener got his bat home quickly to stay safe. Ashwin races through another over as trial by spin continues. Finch 49 Smith 67*
50! It's not been a trademark Finch innings, but he's battled impressively to reach his half-century from 82 balls. As long as he's out there, he remains a big danger to India. Shot! Smith delights the crowd by skipping down the pitch to flick four over mid-wicket. Brilliant batting.
These two continue to pick the gaps very well, which is making it difficult for Dhoni to build pressure despite the efforts of his spinners. Four more added to the total. Ashwin has conceded 24 runs from his first six overs.
The return of a seamer almost brings a wicket when Mohit beats Smith's outside edge with some extra bounce. Smith charges down the pitch midway through the over to hammer the ball to deep extra cover for a couple of runs, before clipping a single over the fielder at mid-wicket. Australia are cruising.
I wonder whether these two will consider taking the powerplay before the start of the 36th over. They're both in good touch now, and it can be difficult for a new batsman to attack during that period. India are lacking a threat at the moment, despite Ashwin bowling another good over.
Shot! It's not a bad ball from Mohit, but Smith punches the ball back down the ground for four runs at the start of the over. The seamer appeals desperately for lbw when Smith shuffles across the crease. No movement from umpire Richard Kettleborough, and it's a good decision. Six runs from the over.
Finch drops to one knee to sweep firmly for a single to deep square-leg. Smith comes charging down the pitch again to rotate the strike with a push to long-on. A clever reverse-sweep hands Finch a couple, before a mistake from Rohit at point gifts the opener two more.
Australia do decide to take the five-over batting powerplay early, and that forces Dhoni to bring Shami back into the attack. Shami starts with a couple of dot balls, but an attempted yorker then goes wrong as Smith helps himself to four to fine-leg. Six! Forget the fielding restrictions. Smith clears the rope with ease by launching the ball over mid-wicket to move closer to the century. 100! There it is! Smith works the ball behind square for four more to reach three figures from an 89 balls. It's been another excellent knock from a player who just seems to keep getting better. Finch 62* Smith 100
Six! Stunning from Finch as he gives himself room to guide Mohit over the point boundary when the seamer sends down a short ball. A quick single to mid-on hands the strike to Smith, who clubs a slower ball down the ground for four more. Oh my word. Finch moves around on the crease before playing a clever ramp to flick four over his head. Australia have the platform to attack, and they're determined to take advantage.
WICKET! SMITH (105) C ROHIT B YADAV: India finally make the breakthrough. Smith goes for another big shot, but he can't get all of the pull shot and Rohit sprints in from the boundary to take a good catch as Yadav gets his second wicket. A fantastic knock comes to an end as Smith departs with 105 from 93 balls to his name.
Good decision from Australia. The pressure is on India, so they decide to send out Glenn Maxwell to continue the assault. Yadav helps the cause with a couple of wides before Finch hands the strike to his new partner, who gets off the mark by clipping four runs off his pad. A third wide follows from Yadav. Australia pick up nine after losing the wicket.
Maxwell is only going to play one way in this situation. A charge down the pitch results in a top edge over the slip region for a couple of runs. Shami comes around the wicket to target Finch's body, but he's left frustrated as the opener flicks four off the thigh pad. The umpire decides to have a look when Raina hits the stumps, but Maxwell got home easily. Finch 79* Maxwell 9
Finch plays around his front pad, but Yadav's lbw appeal is rejected and the opener manages to survive another nervy moment as Raina misses with the throw at the stumps. Superb from Maxwell as he helps the ball over square-leg for four. Six! It's time for the crowd to get involved as Maxwell launches the ball over mid-wicket with a shot that is measured at 102 metres. The charge continues as he steps away to hammer four more down the ground. Australia will be thinking about a score closer to 400 than 300 now. 64 runs off the five-over powerplay.
Ashwin needs to deliver the goods as he returns to the attack. It's an excellent start with just one run coming from the first two balls.
WICKET! MAXWELL (23) C RAHANE B ASHWIN: Big wicket for India. Ashwin does deliver the goods as Maxwell picks out Rahane at deep square-leg. He could have done a lot of damage late in the innings
Shane Watson is the new batsman for Australia. Finch adds another single as Ashwin completes an excellent over on his return to the attack.
WICKET! FINCH (81) C DHAWAN B YADAV: India are starting to fight back in this innings! Finch was starting to get frustrated with his inability to find the gaps, and he gets nowhere near the middle with a pull shot and Dhawan takes the catch at mid-wicket. Australia will have two new men at the crease. It's a crucial spell.
Clarke finally comes to the crease after a change to the batting order. The skipper gets off the mark by pulling a single to deep square-leg. Watson thinks twice about a run after a firm push to the fielder at point. Yadav is then punished by the umpire for drifting one down the leg-side. It can't spoil an excellent over from the seamer.
Clarke won't mind the bowling change, but Watson may not want to see Jadeja into the attack so early in his innings. It's a good returning over from the left-arm spinner as he restricts Australia to just four from the over.
Jadeja does brilliantly at point to restrict Watson to a single when he attacks a wide one from the returning Shami. Clarke decides against attacking when the seamer sends down a sharp bouncer. The captain opens the face of the bat to earn a run to third-man. Shami then beats the bat when Watson attempts a wild pull shot. India are fighting back impressively.
Lovely timing on show from Clarke as he chips the ball over mid-wicket to collect four, before getting off strike with a single midway through the over. Watson drops back to push a run to the fielder at long-off. Jadeja sends down a quicker one but Clarke still manages to find a single on the leg-side.
WICKET! CLARKE (10) C ROHIT B MOHIT: It's the short ball to Clarke again. Not quite a bouncer, but he can only pull the ball straight to a waiting Rohit at mid-wicket. Australia need to make sure this wobble doesn't turn into a collapse.
There's not many players better than James Faulkner late in the innings. The all-rounder is uncomfortable keeping out one that seems to find some extra bounce as Mohit dips into his variations. A quick single to mid-on allows the new man to get off the mark. Mohit attempts the yorker but Watson gets bat on ball to earn a run on the leg-side. Excellent over from the seamer.
Ashwin is into the attack to bowl his final over, and it's a great start to the over as he keeps Watson to two from the first five balls. However, the spinner's spell ends with a six as Watson launches the ball over mid-wicket to relieve some pressure.
Faulkner shuffles across the crease to work the ball behind square for a single. Shami sends down a slower ball to Watson, who slices three over the fielders on the off-side. There's some luck for Faulkner when a top edge sends the ball over Dhoni and to the boundary. Dhoni changes the field and Shami foolishly goes short again to allow Faulkner to collect four more with a powerful pull. A bye arrives when Dhoni gets a hand on a good yorker from the seamer.
Six! Faulkner is another player who loves facing India, and he looks in the mood to do some damage as he drops to one knee to hit Jadeja for a flat six over mid-wicket. Raina does well at cover to restrict him to a single a ball later. Watson attempts to slog one into the leg-side, but he can only get an inside edge on the ball. A run to cover allows Watson to keep the strike. Good comeback from Jadeja following the boundary.
Watson couldn't time a pull shot any better, but he can only pick out the fielder in the deep and he settles for a single. Faulkner is on the attack again to earn four with a loft over mid-wicket.
WICKET! FAULKNER (21) B YADAV: Yadav gets his reward for holding his nerve as he takes his fourth wicket by hitting the stumps as Faulkner looked for another boundary on the leg-side. Australia would have wanted the all-rounder in at the end.
Brad Haddin is the new man, and he does well to keep out a very good yorker from Yadav. Shot! Haddin follows two dots by hammering the ball past mid-on for four at the end of the over.
The returning Mohit is slightly too wide as Watson starts the over by driving through the covers for four runs. Mohit fools the batsman with a slower ball, but Watson gets lucky as the ball sails just over the fielder at square-leg. Shot! Watson ignores the man in the deep to pull a short delivery to the rope for four more runs.
WICKET! WATSON (28) C RAHANE B MOHIT: The slower ball works on this occasion as Watson, sensing another boundary, picks out Rahane at deep square-leg.
Mitchell Johnson is the new man, and he watches on as Haddin finishes off the over by edging the ball to short third-man for one. 12 crucial balls coming up.
Johnson is almost caught sleeping, but he sneaks through after Haddin chips the ball just short of Kohli at mid-off. A direct hit would have sent him back inside. Johnson can do some damage with the bat, though, and he connects with his first ball to earn four to the mid-wicket boundary. He then gives himself room to open up the off-side and Yadav is unable to stop the ball from reaching the rope at deep extra cover. It's four again! Shami goes short, but a top edge sends the ball to the boundary once again with third-man inside the circle. A single makes it 14 off the penultimate over.
Mohit starts with a good slower ball, but the bowler is left frustrated when Johnson earns two runs off the inside edge. Another miscued shot brings a single on the leg-side. Drop! Poor from Kohli, who is one of the best fielders in the side. Haddin picks him out at deep mid-wicket, but Kohli spills it twice before eventually allowing the ball to drop. Johnson piles the misery on by hitting a full-toss over mid-off for four runs. Six! This is excellent stuff from Johnson as he picks the slower ball to launch six more over mid-wicket. The innings finishes with a single on the off-side. How important could Johnson's 29* off just nine balls be?
INDIA NEED 329 TO WIN: It's going to take some excellent batting, but India will know that it could have been much worse. Australia may have been thinking about a score closer to 400 at one stage. It remains a very good score, but the target is achievable if India's stars fire.
We'll join the players by taking a break, but make sure you're back in around 25 minutes as the second half of this World Cup semi-final takes place at the SCG.
Welcome back everyone! Australia managed to reach 328-7 from their 50 overs to leave this match delicately poised at the halfway stage. Take a look below to see how the innings unfolded.

Fall of wickets: 15-1 (Warner 12), 197-2 (Smith 105), 232-3 (Maxwell 23), 233-4 (Finch 81), 248-5 (Clarke 10), 284-6 (Faulkner 21), 298-7 (Watson 28)

Bowling figures: Shami 10-0-68-0, Yadav 9-0-72-4, Mohit Sharma 10-0-75-2, Kohli 1-0-7-0, Jadeja 10-0-56-0, Ashwin 10-0-42-1

It's not going to be an easy run-chase, but India do have the talent to reach this target. Australia's bowling attack need to fire, too. Mitchell Starc is going to bowl the first over. Rohit and Dhawan are at the crease. The first 10-15 overs could be vital. Play!
It's an excellent start from Starc as he immediately settles on a threatening length outside off-stump. Watson claims a catch at first slip when Starc catches the edge midway through the over, but no one looks too sure about whether it carried, so the umpires send the decision upstairs. It's close, but it looks like the ball may have bounced and the third umpire sticks with the not out decision. Watson appeared to get fingers under the ball. However, it may have hit the grass too. It's very difficult for the umpire to give that out. Shot! There's more frustration for Australia as Rohit opens the blade to steer four through point. Rohit then edges one just short of Clarke at second slip.
Australia hold back Johnson once again as Josh Hazlewood takes the other new ball. Warner prevents a boundary by getting a hand to a powerful cut shot from Dhawan. The seamer settles on a good length to Rohit, who flirts with one that just nips away from the edge. Close! Rohit breathes a huge sigh of relief when a glove sends the ball just beyond a back-tracking Haddin.
Dhawan gets off strike early in the over with a single. A full-toss from Starc should be punished, but Rohit can only slice the ball away for one. Starc goes much straighter to Dhawan to test the left-hander's defence. Good over from the seamer.
Good work from Rohit as he spots a run on offer following a nudge off the hip. Dhawan takes on the short ball with two fielders inside the circle on the leg-side, and his reward is four runs through mid-wicket. Drop! Dhawan should be gone. Hazlewood catches the edge and it probably would have been an easy chance for Watson at first slip. However, Haddin goes for it and can't cling on diving to his left. Can India take advantage?
(TARGET 329) Dhawan is looking to be positive as he comes down the pitch to push a single into the off-side. Rohit splits the fielders on the leg-side to collect three with a chipped shot. There's a huge appeal for lbw when Starc delivers the yorker, but umpire Kumar Dharmasena shakes his head. Haddin suggests that the ball would have only clipped leg-stump. In fact, the technology suggests that ball would have missed all three stumps. India managed to sneak a run off the overthrow, too.
Good batting from Dhawan as he opens the face of the bat to steer a single past point. Dhawan hurries home to complete a leg-bye and there's some friendly chat between batsman and Hazlewood as they collide in the middle. The seamer then sends one past the left-hander's outside edge. It's another good over, with just four runs being scored. Rohit 11* Dhawan 10
Johnson is into the attack for the first time as Starc gets an early break. Wow! Rohit shows that he is ready for the short ball as he rocks back to send a bouncer into the 10th row at fine-leg. What a shot. Johnson comes back with a fuller length as Rohit leaves a couple outside his off-stump. Good response from the bowler.
Dhawan confidently pulls behind square on the leg-side for a single, before Rohit rotates the strike with a push into the off-side. If the boundaries aren't easy to come by, India need to make sure they continue to pick the gaps. Good work from Hazlewood once again as he concedes just three from the over. Australia on top at the SCG, but India won't be panicking.
Johnson comes around the wicket to the left-handed Dhawan, who opens up his stance to guide two runs through the covers. A similar shot follows later in the over, but this time the ball races away to the boundary. Johnson returns to over the wicket after the short experiment. Dhawan remains solid.
Clarke makes another bowling change as Faulkner is introduced, but the all-rounder makes a dreadful start by overstepping to hand India a free-hit. Rohit is forced to settle for a single when he struggles to find the middle with a slog across the line. Shots! Dhawan's movement at the crease appears to throw the bowler off his line, and the opener drives into the off-side twice for four runs. Six! It gets better. A skip down the track is followed by a lofted shot over the rope on the leg-side. The Indians in the crowd are loving this from Dhawan. Good start to the chase for India.
The powerplay is over, but Clarke remains at slip. He knows how important wickets will be in this innings. Rohit earns a single before Dhawan moves across the crease again to nudge a couple into the leg-side. Johnson responds with a sharp bouncer later in the over as Dhawan gets a reminder of who he is facing. A wide down the leg-side follows when Johnson attempts the yorker. Five off the over. Rohit 20 Dhawan 34*
Dhawan fancies his chances against Faulkner as he punishes a fuller ball by driving straight down the ground for four runs. A bouncer follows, but the seamer is left frustrated when the umpire signals a wide as the ball drifts down the leg side. Dhawan just keeps on coming as he charges down the pitch to drill four more back past Faulkner. A single hands the strike to Rohit, who guides a run into the off-side to rotate the strike again and Dhawan finishes the over by earning two to third-man. Faulkner's first two overs have cost 29 runs.
Haddin appeals for catch down the leg-side at the start of a new Hazlewood over, but the sound came from pad rather than bat. Rohit doesn't get the contact he wants from a pull as he settles for a couple to mid-wicket, before opening the face to earn a single to third-man.
WICKET! DHAWAN (45 from 41) C MAXWELL B HAZLEWOOD: Big, big wicket. Dhawan was on fire, but he departs after sending the ball straight to Maxwell at deep cover. Australia needed that breakthrough. Can they stay on top?
Kohli is the new batsman for India, and he watches on as Rohit keeps out the final ball of the over.
Johnson is back into the attack to bowl at the new man. A few months back, Kohli said he had "no reason to respect Johnson", so this should be fun. Kohli is tested by a couple of shorter balls, but he does well to get on top of the bounce. India's number three ruins a potential maiden by earning a single off the final ball.
(TARGET 329) Hazlewood finds the perfect length to nip one past Kohli's edge. That's where you have to bowl at him early in the innings. Hazlewood may not have the pace or aggression of Starc and Johnson, but he really does test the technique of batsmen with his accuracy. It's a maiden from the seamer, who has 1-18 off 6.
The pressure is definitely on India now. Rohit is slightly off balance as he miscues a pull off Johnson to pick up a single early in the over.
WICKET! KOHLI (1) C HADDIN B JOHNSON: If removing Dhawan was important, this really is the big wicket for Australia. Kohli is the key man when India are chasing, but his match is over as he sends a pull straight into the air. Haddin calls for it early before taking the catch to silence the Indians in the stands.
Johnson is fired up now. Rahane does well to keep a fierce bouncer down on his arrival at the crease. Rohit has to deliver a big score from this position. India are in desperate need of a partnership. Three runs and a wicket from the over.
Hazlewood continues to hit the right areas as Australia keep the pressure on. Clarke has two slips in place. If Australia can pick up another couple of wickets quickly, this match could be over. India have Raina and Dhoni to come, but they'll want their skipper to come in as late as possible. Just two off another excellent Hazlewood over.
Rahane manages to get on top of the bounce when Johnson unleashes another bouncer early in his sixth over. Rohit still looks calm as he pushes the ball into the covers for a single and a similar shot from his partner rotates the strike again. Six! A defiant stroke from Rohit as he brings the crowd back into the game with a stunning pull over mid-wicket.
WICKET! ROHIT (34) B JOHNSON: That's how you respond to being launched into the stands! Johnson is too quick for Rohit as he hits the stumps via a deflection off the inside edge. India lose their set batsman and 329 suddenly looks an even more difficult target.
Good move from Clarke to bring back Starc as Australia look to kill off the India challenge by keeping the pressure in the first half of the innings. Four dot balls are followed by a push down the ground for a couple of runs. Rahane steals the strike with a single off the final ball as Raina waits for his turn.
(TARGET 329) Clarke decides it's time to turn to spin, and there's a little bit of turn for Maxwell earlier in his first over. Rahane drops to one knee to pull a shorter ball away for one as Raina gets the strike for the first time. Maxwell almost sneaks one through off the inside edge. Slice of luck for the new batsman. Good over.
Australia threaten to appeal for caught behind when Rahane attacks the bouncer from Starc, but there's no bat involved. A push to deep cover earns the right-hander a single. There's a short-leg in place for Raina, but perhaps more worryingly for India, it looks like Starc may already be finding the slightest hint of reverse swing. Starc angers the Indian fans by throwing the ball at Raina when the batsman comes out of his crease. The bowler can't help but send a few words in Raina's direction after a bouncer which is eventually called a wide by the umpire. Another extra follows down the leg-side, but it's still a very good over.
The umpires have a word with Starc after that over, but the bowler insists that Raina was the guilt party in their exchange. It's getting fiery out there. Haddin takes over by getting in the batsman's ear as Maxwell continues his spell. India reach three figures in the over. They have to stay in this game for as long as possible, and that means not throwing any wickets away. Rahane 11 Raina 2*
Starc is replaced by Faulkner, who took a lot of punishment from Dhawan earlier in the innings. Raina stays back to guide a single down to third-man. Rahane might have one of the best techniques around. He just never seems rushed at the crease as he shuffles across to nudge a single into the leg-side. Shot! Raina first instinct is to attack, and he picks up the length quickly to loft four over mid-wicket.
WICKET! RAINA (7) C HADDING B FAULKNER: India didn't need a shot like this one. Raina isn't sure whether he is cutting or running the ball down to third-man, and he can only deliver an edge to a diving Haddin. Australia are in complete control. MS Dhoni will have to produce some magic from here.
Dhoni is an excellent player, but steering his side to a victory in this match will take something very special. The skipper needs to play himself in first. Maxwell races through his over for the cost of just two runs.
(TARGET 329) A nervy skip down the pitch from Dhoni is followed by an inside edge to fine-leg as Faulkner curses his luck. Clarke is still rallying the troops from slip as he looks to go for the kill with India under pressure. Faulkner looks to have found his rhythm with the ball now as Rahane and Dhoni combine for five runs in the over.
The required run-rate has crept above 8.5 runs an over, and that's a real concern for India as they simply cannot afford to be kept quiet in the middle of the innings. Maxwell is mixing up his pace well against two players who pride themselves on how they play spin. Clarke will be happy with his slower bowler at the moment. Six off the over.
Faulkner is slightly too wide, but Rahane can only pick out a fielder in the deep with a firm cut. Screams of catch from around the bat as Dhoni pulls one just short of Warner in the deep. The captain would have been very worried for a moment. Another nervy shot follows when Dhoni edges one wide of first slip. Rahane 22 Dhoni 7*
Dhoni will look to run hard early in his innings, but he may have to attack sooner than he would usually like. A cut for two is followed by a single for the skipper, and Rahane flicks the ball off the pad to hand the strike back to his partner. Maxwell is refusing to offer any freebies to these two. Five off the over.
Dhoni enjoys another slice of luck when a miscued shot drops short of the fielder at third-man as Hazlewood returns to the attack. You've got to give credit to the Australian selectors, Hazlewood has proved his worth in the knockout stages after being selected ahead of Pat Cummins. India are already running out of time with 22 overs remaining. They have to take more risks.
(TARGET 329) Clarke turns to a new bowler as Watson gets the ball for the first time. Dhoni and Rahane trade singles at the start of the over, but Watson sticks to a very good length. A single for Dhoni is followed by two from Rahane when he rocks back to pull a shorter ball. It's been seven overs since the last boundary.
Kumar Dharmasena ends up on the floor behind the stumps when Dhoni clubs Hazlewood down the ground for four runs. Hazlewood recovers impressively from the boundary at the start of the over, but Dhoni enjoys a slice of luck when a top edge sends the ball over Haddin and Clarke. Crucial runs for India.
It looks like frustration is starting to creep into Rahane's game as he follows four dot balls by pulling a short ball just short of Maxwell at deep mid-wicket. Dhoni adds another single to deep cover at the end of an excellent over from Watson.
Johnson is back into the attack, and he forces Dhoni to stretch just to get bat on ball outside off-stump. A nudge off the hip hands the Indian skipper a single on the leg-side. Rahane watches a wide from Johnson. Close! Clarke dives to his right at slip, but he can't get his hand to the ball and Rahane collects four off the outside edge. India earn seven off the over. At this stage, that isn't enough.
Rahane (32 from 57 before this over) skips down the pitch to launch Watson down the ground for four runs. I wouldn't be surprised if Dhoni had a word with his partner during the drinks break about starting to kick on from this position. A wild swing of the bat doesn't bring contact, but a fist bump from Dhoni suggests that the approach has changed. Rahane opens the face of the bat to pick up a couple down the third-man, before enjoying some luck when a miscued pull shot sees the ball drop just short of Hazlewood in the deep. Eight off the over.
Johnson is agonisingly close to catching the edge when Rahane plays a lazy stroke outside off-stump. A shorter ball is pulled away as Dhoni gets the strike back. Dhoni sits deep in his crease to open up the leg-side, but he's forced into a defensive stroke at the last moment. India are forced to settle for five from the over. It's time for the batting powerplay.
Clarke immediately turns to Faulkner at the start of the powerplay. Dhoni misses out searching for contact with a wider one, and that's where Australia will hope to bowl to him. A push into the off-side hands the strike to Rahane, who is beaten on the outside edge by a well-disguised slower ball. Much better from Dhoni later in the over as he opens the face to steer the ball past Watson at backward point to collect four. Seven off the over.
REVIEW! There doesn't seem to be much of an appeal when Rahane flirts with the ball outside off-stump, but a few fielders reckon the batsman has nicked Starc to Haddin behind the stumps and Clarke is persuaded to review.
WICKET! RAHANE (44) C HADDIN B STARC: Someone in the field deserves a big pat on the back for hearing that edge. Snicko proves there was a touch on the ball and the decision is reversed by umpire Dharmasena. India are dealt another blow. Jadeja in next.
It looked like Smith was claiming that wicket in the break, and I reckon he was the one who urged Clarke to use the review. Starc sends down a brilliant fuller delivery, but Jadeja manages to get a vital inside edge on the ball to keep the seamer out. The new batsman is off the mark with a single past backward point. Just two runs and a wicket from the over.
Faulkner finds a hint of movement to almost nip one through Jadeja's defence. India's all-round nudges a single into the leg-side, before Dhoni finds a run to backward point. A well-directed bouncer makes life uncomfortable for Jadeja, but he manages to get bat on ball to rotate the strike again. India need 146 from 72 balls.
Watson is slow to the ball at fine-leg, and Dhoni is quick enough to collect two runs. The skipper stays on the back foot to punch Starc into the off-side for one. Jadeja gets off strike with a leg-bye. Dhoni adds another down the ground. When is Dhoni going to tee off? Jadeja adds four to his side's total with a flick to fine-leg at the end of the over.
(TARGET 329) Dhoni is finding it difficult to time his shots outside off-stump as he settles for a single after a miscued cut. Jadeja finds a run on the leg-side, before Dhoni lunges forward to add another to mid-off. One more makes it four from an excellent Faulkner over. India need 133 from the final 10 overs.
Jadeja gets off strike with a single from the second ball of Hazlewood's over. Drop! Here comes the attack. Dhoni completely miscues a flat-bat shot. Clarke does brilliantly to make up the ground on the leg-side, but he can't cling on. It would have been a superb catch but after getting two hands to the ball, he would have expected to take it. Shot! Jadeja uses a bit of room outside off-stump to cut four runs through point. Hazlewood finishes with 1-41 from his 10 overs.
Johnson is back for his ninth over. India collect singles from each of the first four deliveries, but this approach just will not get them close.
WICKET! JADEJA (16) RUN OUT (SMITH): What a cricketer. Smith continues his fine day at the office with a brilliant piece of fielding from short third-man as he hits the stumps following a risky call for a single. Jadeja didn't have a chance of getting home.
Ashwin is the new batsman at the crease as Johnson completes the over with a dot ball. India need 121 from 48 balls.
50! It's surely too late, but Dhoni goes to another ODI half-century with a superb shot over the covers for six as Watson returns. Six! He's the calmest man in the ground. Watson watches Dhoni clear the rope again with a powerful stroke over long-off. A full-toss from around the wicket forces Dhoni to settle for a single as he miscues a shot into the leg-side. Ashwin is beaten on the outside edge attempting to work the ball to third-man. A lofted shot to that area hands the strike to Dhoni, who finishes the over with a single to cover.
Johnson is more than happy to watch Dhoni take a single off the second ball of the over. Ashwin adds another run with a sliced drive to deep point. I don't want to speak too soon, but it would take something pretty incredible just for India to get anywhere close to their target from here. Five off the over. Dhoni 64* Ashwin 3
Dhoni is completely beaten by a clever slower bouncer from Starc. A firm pull brings India's skipper a single, and Ashwin watches a full no-ball well to guide the single to third-man.
WICKET! DHONI (65) RUN OUT (MAXWELL): If it wasn't over already, it is now. Maxwell only has one stump to aim at, but that's all he needs from mid-wicket as Dhoni gives up on the run and watches the stumps take the punishment.
Australia's bowlers have been too good, and India have never really recovered from losing the in-form Dhawan when the pressure was on the co-hosts. Shami is alongside Ashwin in the middle as Starc completes another good over.
Ashwin isn't sure how to play Faulkner as the seamer twice sends slower balls past the outside edge.
WICKET! ASHWIN (5) B FAULKNER: The slower ball does the trick for Faulkner as Ashwin lets one through while attempting to give himself room at the crease.
WICKET! MOHIT (0) B FAULKNER: Can Faulkner finish the game off with a hat-trick? Mohit is beaten by the angle from the left-handed seamer, who knocks back off-stump to edge Australia closer to an inevitable win.
Faulkner can't get the hat-trick as Yadav comfortably keeps out an attempted yorker. It's been another fantastic performance from the Australian bowlers.
Shami collects a single by beating Clarke at first slip with a thick outside edge. The Australians run over to check on Yadav when Starc strikes the helmet with a fierce bouncer. He shrugs off the cut on his chin to get back to the crease quickly.
AUSTRALIA WIN BY 95 RUNS: Starc hits the stumps with a yorker to wrap up an emphatic win at the SCG. Yadav is the final man to go as Australia complete a superb performance. All of that means it will be Australia vs. New Zealand in the World Cup final on Sunday.
There's been some impressive performance from other sides, but it appeared almost inevitable that Australia would set up a final with New Zealand. The two co-hosts, the two pre-tournament favourites. It promises to be a cracking match. India's fine tournament comes to an end as the holders lose grip of their title.
Another World Cup is about to reach its climax, and you can follow Sunday's game with Sports Mole from 3am (UK time). Thanks for following our live coverage of Australia's win over India in Sydney today. Goodbye everyone!
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